Still blogging after all these years

Connie VeneracionThe title isn’t a complaint. No, not at all. More than anything, it’s an affirmation that, after 14 years, I’m still doing what I love to do — write, take photos and combine them to tell stories. That’s what I am essentially — a story-teller. Four years in law school and writing all those case digests taught me how to tell a story in an organized way in prose that is full of life.

What kind of stories do I tell? Not fiction, definitely (although writing a best-selling fiction is in my bucket list). I write about what happens in the kitchen, mostly (you guessed it — I have a very old food blog). I used to write the thoughts and debates that criss-crossed inside my head after reading the newspaper or watching the news (yes, I wrote an op-ed column for a broadsheet for years). And I used to write about family and parenting (so, yes, I used to write a column for a family magazine too).

That’s me.

Why do I have this blog when there’s that highly-trafficked food blog? This blog has the archive of the op-ed column I used to write — more than five years’ worth of politics, law and government. I don’t think I want to discard any of that. When I stopped writing about those headache-inducing topics, this blog languished for a while. I wasn’t sure what to do with it but I retained it anyway. A few days ago, I decided to separate it from my self-hosted blog and move it to Why? If there’s such a thing as “me time”, this is going to be my “me blog” where I can write about anything that comes to mind and not have to obsess about keyword saturation, SEO and social media shares. Think of it as recapturing the golden age of blogging when it was untainted by that awful invention called paid posts a.k.a. advertorials.

What this blog will be about, what topics will see more focus, I have no idea right now. I think I’ll let it evolve on its own.

IFTTT Recipes


Facebook is getting silly with its attempts to show users only what it thinks they are interested in. Users should have the right to filter content, not Facebook.

So, it is with this thought in mind that I will no longer share anything “original” on Facebook — not photos and not even the occasional antsy one-liners. The original will always belong to me, on my blog, and what Facebook will get is a mere copy. It is smart SEO and it is also a protest. There is a website called IFTTT which lets me do that.

I am still figuring out how to do the same with Instagram and Pinterest.

Never mind Twitter. I’ve always hated Twitter. Continue reading

Casting a ghoulish glow on brain hemorrhage


We tried making this drink in time for Halloween last year but our Peach Schnapps was bad and the Irish Cream did not curdle well. We have a new bottle of Peach Schnapps, Speedy made two shots of brain hemorrhage the other night and I was so excited to take photos that I missed the fact that the lamp on my desk has a yellow light (what interior designers call “warm”). The effect was a ghoulish glow on the already very disturbing appearance of the drink. Speedy has to make brain hemorrhage again, I’ll take photos with better lighting and post a recipe in the food blog.

PLDT sucks


Speedy walks into my office, sees my face and asks, “Ano problema?”

Me: “Ang bagal ng internet. Namamatay-matay pa.”

Speedy: “Humahangin eh.”

Huh? I look at him.

Speedy (looking surprised that didn’t get it): “Third World. Pag humangin, mabagal internet. Paga umulan, mabagal internet. Pag kumidlat, mabagal internet. Pag lumindol, mas mabagal internet.”

Oh, right, I sometimes forget.

Which are worse: tricycles or jeepneys?

We were at a cafe and the discussion was: “Which do you hate more — jeepneys or tricycles?”

My answer: jeepneys.

Sam, Alex and Speedy hate tricycles more. Sam and Alex say at least the bayad is fixed, unlike the tricycle…

Sam: “Sa tricycle, pag makinis legs mo, plus 30 pesos. Pag maganda suot mo, plus 30 pesos…”

Alex: “Totoo yun! Pag maputi ka, plus 20 pesos. Pag yung wallet mo, de-zipper o de-fold, plus 20 pesos… Pag velcro, libre na yun.”

My goodness, laglag sa floor yung panga ko.