A married woman is never childless

Another day at the house on a hill…

I cooked a Vietnamese pork, eggs and bamboo shoots stew (thit kho nuoc dua) for lunch. As I was prepping the dish for the obligatory pictorial, Speedy was on the other side of the kitchen island watching. I was transferring the meat, eggs and vegetables into a bowl, leaving the sauce in the pan.

Speedy: “Bilisin mo, naglalaway na ako…”

Me (explaining the procedure): “Sandali. Last ko ibubuhos yung sauce, tapos sprinkle ko cilantro, para glistening lahat pag-picture ko.”

Speedy (spoon in hand): “Ano ba lasa nitong sauce?” And he scoops the sauce from the pan.

Me: “Ay ang kulit.”

So what was that saying about never ever being childless if you have a husband…? I think we just illustrated that.

Senior moments


Earlier, as Speedy was leaving for the grocery…

Speedy (eyeing stuff on kitchen counter): “Wala ka nang kitchen paper…”

Me: “Yuh.”

Speedy: “Okay, bibili ako.”

Thirty minutes later, he gets back with a bag of potato chips and ham.

Me: “Asan yung kitchen paper?”

Speedy: “Aaaayyyy…”

Senior moments na naman. Di bale, kahit seniors pwede pa rin mag-selfie.


On ballgowns and the history of the toilet



Having been raised in a generation when Barbara Cartland was standard reading for teens and pre-teens, I spent many days and nights dreaming about ballgowns and jewelry, and Prince Charming. European-style, of course, having been influenced by Barbara Cartland. It was a phase I quickly outgrew after discovering that Perry Mason books were a lot more exciting than Barbara Cartland novels. Still, I loved visualizing pretty gowns, matching hats and gloves, horse-drawn carriages and waltzes. How I made the images fit in with Perry Mason, I cannot recall. Continue reading

The talentless Kris Aquino

Me: “Ano ba talent ni Kris Aquino? Nasa showbiz sya but she can’t sing, she can’t act, bastos syang show host because she just wants to talk about herself…”

Speedy: “Wala. Kasi lang anak sya ni Ninoy.”

Me: “Oo, ano? Yun lang yun… And yet mahal na mahal sya ng masa…”

Speedy: “Eh kasi maraming tanga.”

Oo nga naman.


Me: “Sa Singapore daw halos araw-araw, umuulan na sabi ni Malou… Bakit ba naman hindi man lang tayo maambunan nang maganda?”

Speedy: “Kasi dito nakatira si Kris (sino pa bang Kris?) kaya pinaparusahan tayo.”

Hmmm… May katwiran.