Senior moments


Earlier, as Speedy was leaving for the grocery…

Speedy (eyeing stuff on kitchen counter): “Wala ka nang kitchen paper…”

Me: “Yuh.”

Speedy: “Okay, bibili ako.”

Thirty minutes later, he gets back with a bag of potato chips and ham.

Me: “Asan yung kitchen paper?”

Speedy: “Aaaayyyy…”

Senior moments na naman. Di bale, kahit seniors pwede pa rin mag-selfie.


On ballgowns and the history of the toilet



Having been raised in a generation when Barbara Cartland was standard reading for teens and pre-teens, I spent many days and nights dreaming about ballgowns and jewelry, and Prince Charming. European-style, of course, having been influenced by Barbara Cartland. It was a phase I quickly outgrew after discovering that Perry Mason books were a lot more exciting than Barbara Cartland novels. Still, I loved visualizing pretty gowns, matching hats and gloves, horse-drawn carriages and waltzes. How I made the images fit in with Perry Mason, I cannot recall. Continue reading

The talentless Kris Aquino

Me: “Ano ba talent ni Kris Aquino? Nasa showbiz sya but she can’t sing, she can’t act, bastos syang show host because she just wants to talk about herself…”

Speedy: “Wala. Kasi lang anak sya ni Ninoy.”

Me: “Oo, ano? Yun lang yun… And yet mahal na mahal sya ng masa…”

Speedy: “Eh kasi maraming tanga.”

Oo nga naman.


Me: “Sa Singapore daw halos araw-araw, umuulan na sabi ni Malou… Bakit ba naman hindi man lang tayo maambunan nang maganda?”

Speedy: “Kasi dito nakatira si Kris (sino pa bang Kris?) kaya pinaparusahan tayo.”

Hmmm… May katwiran.

Seisha Coffee


Had to register a business name at the local DTI office. There was a queue so we decided to kill time at the cafe on the ground floor of the building.

Seisha Coffee is probably the oldest and most decent cafe in Antipolo. Sadly, the cappuccino didn’t look nor taste like it was made with espresso.

Don't forget to pinch the flowers


The moment I saw the flowers, I had to take photos. And I knew I was taking photos so I could post them on my blog. But which one? And what should be the context?

The most obvious choice was to post them in the home and garden blog. After all, there is a home gardening section there. Plus, there is a post on how to grow and propagate mint where it says pinch the flowers to encourage the plant to grow more leaves. Photos of the flowers of the mint would have been a great addendum, but… Why repeat what I’ve already said in a previous post? The web is already too full of shares, retweets, reblogs and aggregated content. Continue reading

On Twitter, Instagram and hashtags

I’m no fan of Twitter. I don’t like Twitter for the same reason I couldn’t swallow the Tumblr culture — I don’t like regurgitated content. I’ve always seen Twitter and Tumblr as playgrounds for people with no original ideas, incapable of publishing original content and they’re only good at repeating what they have seen and read.

Repetition, the embryo of virality. I know. But the power of viral content is its downfall too. Viral is not equal to valid; popularity is not the same as substance. Most people who share links, for instance, don’t even bother checking the truthfulness of the content in the linked articles. Some of the most shared articles in 2013 were, in fact, hoaxes. But that didn’t prevent them from being passed around, with matching wide eyes, bated breath and sense of urgency, as though they really happened.

Laziness? Stupidity? Both? Doesn’t matter. The end result is the same. Pathetic.

Sigh. Continue reading

Frustrations of a food blogger

It’s so frustrating to spend hours taking photos of a dish and writing detailed instructions on how to make it only to have my words copied in toto by another blogger.

And this other blogger seems to think it’s enough to link to my blog. How does that make things all right? How does that negate the fact that she took my words — my words — and published them as her own?

I can understand reproducing an ingredients list without modification. But the instructions? My goodness, even the parts I wrote IN CAPS, the slashes, the dashes… she copied them all.

And the worst thing? She’s a reader of my blog — an active commenter, in fact. So, what was that about? Befriending me then stealing my work?

Of course, I reported the infringement to Naturally. It’s not like I’m going to take it sitting down.